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    About Us

    Himnish Industries Private Limited was started as a Partnership firm in the year 2004 with the name as Unisys Automation. The main idea was to provide consultancy and services to industries in the field of supply, servicing and maintenance of high valued Electrical & Electronic Systems used for manufacturing. These services are specially targeted to the high-tech electronic systems.

    By the year 2007 Company got converted into a Private Limited company with the name as Unisys Automation Private Limited. We expanded our activities in the field of Automation, system Integration to design, develop, testing and commissioning and there after maintenance & servicing of these systems. We started providing these products and services globally. In the year 2014 Company expanded our activities by starting online trading of complete range of automation, electronic, electrical & instrumentation products and services. Excepting automation field we also started our activities in manufacturing, import and export of grains, spices, pulses, vegetables, fruits oils, herbals etc. In the Year 2015, we have gone a step ahead and launched our flagship company.

    So we changed the name as M/s Himnish Industries Private Limited. The idea was to combine all our diversified operation under the banner of M/s Himnish Industries Private Limited. This shall further strengthen us to expand our business to new horizon. Himnish Industries Private Limited, is a fast growing company committed to providing reliable and cost-effective Engineering solutions to organizations world-wide. Apart from this we are expanding beyond Indian horizon to cater to global places i.e. African Region, Gulf Countries Nepal etc. We constantly enhance our service quality standards to match with the best in the world.

    Our primary aim is to provide our customers, high quality products and services. Himnish has carefully combined Products Manpower to offer the best solution to the industry with dedication towards servicing and maintenance for the system supplied by us. We have a group of qualified, trained and experienced engineers involved in providing specialized technical services in the area of industrial automation.

    We measure our success by our client success, we ensure that our Products, Services and solutions are aligned to help you with the business challenges faced in your industry and we deliver those solutions according to processes and procedures. We received a very good response and support from our clients and vendors. We are committed to serve the world in a very good manner. Hope we will be supported by our clients and vendors in future.